Comen NC3 Vital Signs Monitor - CNC3VSM

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Comen NC3 Vital Signs Monitor - CNC3VSM

The NC3 Vital Signs Monitor is an easy to use, lightweight and compact vital signs monitor specially designed for in-patient monitoring and ward rounding.

It enables easy and quick to learn basic vital signs;

Standard Features:

  • Configured with easy-to-use NIBP, SpO2 functions;
  • Quick body temperature measurement technique in clinical application:
  • Use infrared ear thermometer to learn ear cavity temperature in 1-2s, which is instantly uploaded wirelessly to NC3;
  • 12 hours battery life under standby mode;
  • High resolution display;
  • Simple and elegant, compact and lightweight;
  • Aesthetics, technology, science and wisdom in one.

Convenient and accurate measurement

  • Non-contact infrared pyroelectric measurements
  • Built-in RF communication, wireless data transmission
  • Rapid blood pressure measurement technique
  • Quick switch between patient types
  • Rapid Masimo SPO2 measurement
  • 50 sets of blood pressure measurement data storage
  • Lithium battery with 12+ hours of continuous operation
  • The whole machine weighs only 1.25kg
  • 6-inch ultra-high-resolution color LED screen
  • Optional high-end trolley
  • Can withstands a 1.2m drop test
  • Liquid protection grade IPX1
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